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About CleanEarth…

CleanEarth is a Canadian company focused on providing leading edge soil and water remediation solutions to the market.

To date CleanEarth has treated over 700,000 tonnes of contaminated soil. CleanEarth has developed its processes to the point where 95% to 99% of the contaminated soil processed has a beneficial reuse (for example: clean sand, gravel, rock and clay). Besides the benefits of recycling and material re-use, other sustainability benefits include a decrease in materials dumped in landfills and a decrease in depleting natural resources through quarry usage.

To date CleanEarth has treated over 250,000,000 litres of contaminated water at clients' properties. Our mobile water treatment systems can be used in combination or separately from the soil washing systems to treat contaminated waters.  The technology is the first of its kind in the industry with respect to high production rates and cost effective operation. Additionally, 100% of the water is treated to meet or exceed Drinking Water Guidelines.

We are currently in the process of securing additional approvals and contracts to expand the scope of services CleanEarth provides in Nova Scotia, the rest of Canada and internationally.

Driven by the Principles of Sustainability, CleanEarth and its highly skilled professionals and tradespeople will continue with intensive R&D activities and innovative projects working toward the mission of being recognized as one of the leading innovative environmental services and technologies firms in the world.

Our Process…

CleanEarth has developed leading edge patented processes for soil and water remediation. Our technologies are effective, efficient and very economical allowing us to provide clients with an excellent value price point. Besides the value, liability becomes a non-issue for the client as all contaminants are treated and removed from the soil and/or water.

Before any soil or water treatment project is undertaken, an extensive pre-treatability review of the actual site conditions and materials to be treated is completed. Following completion of this initial review, more detailed work is undertaken on representative site samples at CleanEarth's state-of-the-art contaminated soil and water treatability laboratory to develop a site specific, optimum treatment process.

We do not proceed on any project until the solution, schedule, and cost meet client expectations.

CleanEarth Provides the Following Services to clients:

  • Contaminated Soils Remediation (TPH’s, PAH’s & metals) (Physical, chemical, biological treatment)
  • Detailed Soils Analysis
  • Laboratory facilities = project predictability & firm costing
  • Fixed Treatment Facility
  • Mobile Treatment Options
  • Contaminated Water Remediation (organic, inorganics, and onsite acid drainage control)




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Phone:(902) 835-9095

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